About the Business

BAZARPE24 is one of the largest online business to business marketplace of products which are supplied by some well-renowned Indian suppliers and product distributors. We aim at helping you to browse for suppliers by clicking on the product category of your choice.


Our prompt services assist corporation, small and medium business owners, procurement organizations and many more. We also encourage
potential business partners to boost the size & efficiency of Bazarpe24!


> India-based BazarPe24 is a hyperlocal mobile platform that delivers groceries, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, and electronics.

> BazarPe24 is a retail company which provides an online platform to the retailers, by which they can sell their products on an online platform.

> www.bazarpe24.com is the official website from where anyone can easily buy our products listed by local resellers.

> We have an application on google play store by the name of bazarpe24.

> We are here with a vision of connecting the local market with the end users.

> Customers use BazarPe24’s mobile app to shop for products from local stores in 5 cities in India.

> BazarPe24 is a leading Indian online supermarket and grocery delivery service founded in 2021. BazarPe24 specialize in selling groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, home and kitchen appliances, as well as personal care products at affordable prices.

> BazarPe24 is an e-commerce marketplace for your daily shopping. It allows you to shop from your favourite store in your neighbourhood and get delivery within 20 minutes. You can shop for Groceries, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery items, Flowers, Meat, Pet Care, Baby Care, and Cosmetics products with just a few taps.

Our Approach

Our agenda is to take away all your stress associated with shopping for daily amenities and all your essentials. You don’t have to visit a site to another site for grocery and clothes or electronic appliances. Bazarpe24.com has kept every utility under one roof. Our objective is to set up a goal that is to prioritize people, products and practice. We are not just India’s largest online supermarket, we have expanded our services to an international benchmark. To deliver millions of happiness on time is our main intent.

Why Choose Bazarpe24.com? 

BazarPe24 renovates the style of retail marketing in a whole new way. Our store meant to contain a wide spectrum of products starting from g grocery to latest and trending electronic gadgets. We facilitate the following amenities:

  1. Timely Delivery and Flawless Packaging
  2. We Never Compromise Quality
  3. Over 2 million Product Categories
  4. Complete Transparency & Transcendency
  5. Millions of Happy Customer Across the Globe