Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy is where we need to let our customers know important details about how we ship our goods.

Our Shipping Policy should inform our customers (or potential customers) about the following:

a. What shipping options we offer (overnight, standard, air mail, international, domestic only, etc.)

b. How much each shipping method will cost the customer

c. How long each shipping method will typically take

d. If orders must be placed before a specific time to be counted as placed during that business day

e. Any restrictions to where you can deliver (no P.O. boxes, not to specific states, etc.)

f. Anything else that would be material to a customer when placing an order.

Our Shipping Policy is given below:

1. We are now delivering products in standard method and domestically.

2. NO shipping charge is applicable on Orders.

3. Our In-house delivery boys deliver the Orders.

4. For Grocery items and fruites vegetables orders, we deliver the orders withing 24 hours. Others orders take 48 hours to deliver.

5. Our customers can order the items anytime.

6. We can only accept the orders from the place or area where our associated stores are available.

These all are the shipping policy of our business.